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Jun 16 2013

Generational Sharing Day

The purpose of a generational sharing day The art of sharing generational wisdom and knowledge is becoming the exception rather than the rule. The Jewish culture and many African cultures emphasize the importance of sharing past knowledge and wisdom. There are many beneficial lessons embedded in generational sharing. Generational sharing and honoring our parents and our elders is essential in today’s accelerated society. There are numerous blessings connected to honoring a system that was sanctioned by God which was instituted in the structure of the family. Numerous young people are moving away from respecting their elders and as a result they are missing out on essential blessings. There are many lessons in the bible that highlight the importance of receiving blessings from our parents and elders. Abraham blessed Isaac, Isaac blessed Jacob and God’s blessings continue to flow from one generation to another.

May 18 2013

Back to the Past Town Hall Forums

Christian Education Outreach USA (website: encourages churches and other organizations to conduct Back to the Past Town Hall Forums. Ideally the forums will be composed of a moderator and a panel of seniors who are willing to share or recall past historical, church or social events etc. The goal is to bridge the communication and the generation gap between the young and the old.

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